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Clay Art

Clay Art of India

Clay Art of India is an ancient art form dating back to more than 1000 years. The remnants of clay pottery that is found in the sites of Indus Valley Civilisation points to the highly skilled potters who were present even in ancient India. Red Ware was the most popular clay craft in the late Vedic Age. And Auth'n produces nothing except original products from the Artists. In India, Clay Art is best described through the legacy of the hundreds of years old Clay Artists from Krishnanagar. Krishnanagar clay dolls are unique in their realism and the quality of their finish. They truly represent a breakaway from the traditional form. Fruits, fish, insects, animals, birds, and of course the entire pantheon of gods and goddesses, popular comic strip characters, faithful copies of real-life, down to the minutest detail. Realistic recreations of everyday life, work, mood and character- farmers, weavers, rag pickers, basket makers, umbrella makers - are yet other specialties of Krishnanagar dolls. Exhibitions of Krishnagar dolls have been held in London, Paris and Boston. These clay models have won medals and certificates at international exhibitions.

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