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The story begins with Abhishek Biswas, a Bengal-based Social Entrepreneur. Abhishek comes from one of Bengal's most socially connected backgrounds, where he learned about India's people, their culture, and their needs.

By degree, Abhishek is a B.Eng in Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University. After exploring a ton of things - consulting corporations on innovation strategies, conducting research, working on international standardizations, and working on women empowerment - Abhishek comprehended that intellectual capital and innovation are the pillars behind the inclusive growth of the 21st-century world.


In his management consulting career, Abhishek has worked in 4 countries for 5+ years. Having realized the requirements and significance of socially impactful ventures, Abhishek ended his lucrative corporate career in Kuwait and dedicated himself to social entrepreneurship in India. He has been trying to solve the existing problems in the sectors of authentic Indian art and eco-friendly products through multiple innovations.

Besides Auth'n, Abhishek is into the sectors of Energy Innovations and vernacular language-based Education technology.

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